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Dodge Caliber

5 Stars

Dexter was very helpful and patient with me. I love the Town Car Cartier he sold and it was a pleasure doing business with him. He even texted me that evening to make sure everything was still OK. Very Very Highly Recommended!!


Congratulation to Mr Ned on the purchase of his 2001 Buick Lesabre Limited.


Congratulations to Marielys on the purchase of her 1999 Honda Civic.


Congratulations to Pastor Freshour on the purchase of his 2007 Lincoln MKX.


Congratulations to Elsa on the purchase of her 2009 Ford Fusion.

5 Stars

This company is so so good. I cant say enough good things about them. Its about time a company like this came along. Debra


Congratulations to Marc on the purchase of your 2010 Nissan Altima Coupe S with prior accident history. We are happy to share in the excitement of your first sports car.


This customer received the manager's special of the month.  A 2010 Ford Focus SE for under $3000 with prior accident history. 


Congratulations to Mr Cox on the purchase of his 2008 Ford Escape, his first American car !


Congratulation to Ms Barra on the purchase of her 2015 Versa with only 13k miles. APPLIED FOR IN HOUSE FINANCING


Congratulations to Mr Masson on the purchase of his 2008 Dodge Avenger RT model.


Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Kusher on the purchase of their 02 Mercury Sable with only 79k miles. APPLIED FOR IN HOUSE FINANCING


MECHANIC SPECIAL CUSTOMER - This is one of our smart do it yourselfer customers.  We sell our In-Operable vehicles at wholesale prices, instead of taking them back to the auction.  


Congratulations to Vidal W. on the purchase of his 2011 Nissan Altima Coupe with prior accident history. APPLIED FOR IN HOUSE FINANCING.


Congratulations to Mr Nathan P on the recent purchase of his Mercedes Benz E320


Congratulations to Sherrie on the purchase of her 1997 Subaru Outback AWD,  with only 84k miles.


Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Helmintoller on the purchase of their 1998 Jaguar XJ8 with only 80k miles.

Awesome Service!

I found the vehicle I purchased listed online. I contacted this dealership and spoke directly with Dexter. He was extremely helpful and patient when working out the details on the vehicle purchase. Everything you could of wanted in the car buying experience from the quality of car to the quality of service from the initial greeting to the transfer of title. Could not of asked for a better experience. I will be contacting Dexter directly for my next vehicle. Awesome service. Thank you, Samantha M.


Congratulations to Karthic on the recent purchase of his 2015 Toyota Corolla LE.

2 Purchases within month

My name is Gilbert B. I purchase a 04 Saturn from Dexter a few months ago and just went back to purchase a 05 hynd. sonata within 3 months. Dexter strives for providing great customer service and was willing on listening and helping me and my family get the cars that fit our needs. I would recom. Dexter to my family and friends to come do business with HD autos LLC.

2003 Isuzu rodeo

Hd autos Orlando and Dexter helped me get back on the road after an accident that I was involved in. Dexter sold me a 2003 Isuzu rodeo which runs as if it were brand new. Outstanding cars, great customer service , and excellent financing options . Carlos Sotillo

Alicia Wilson

My husband ended up crunching his car. He is one of those people that gets stuck on one thing and refuses to move from it. So when we had to get a new car he wanted another Saturn vue. We ended up buying from HD Autos. It is a 2007 Saturn vue. Nearly identical to the one my husband wreaked, but much better taken car of. HDautos let us have a mechanic to do the once over to make sure everything was ok, and he is even fixing the one part that needed to be replace as told my our mechanic during the inspection. Even though HDautos is a little place, they made sure we got a good car for a lot more reasonable price than other used car dealerships. They even understood about us having to wait on the insurance to finish with the crunched car, and worked with us for the temporary financing that we needed, sort of like a lay a way plan. Overall it was a very good experience, ending up with a very good car for a good price. If we ever need another car I would definitely see about buying from HD Autos again. :) Alicia Wilson


Congratulations to our repeat customers, Myra and Keith, on the purchase of their 2014 Toyota Corolla .

Dexter is Awesome

I'll have to say, I was a little skeptical of buying a car such as this that seemed "too good to be true". After speaking to Dexter, he was very re-assuring that the car was as good as it looked. I made arrangements to fly to Orlando and drive the car home over 900 miles. Dexter met me after 9pm on a friday night just to get me on the road as soon as possible. The car made it home just fine, no problems, not even a "check engine" light. Most people wouldn't think this is a big deal, but buying a 17 year old car with nearly 100,000 miles that has no mechanical issues AND going to depend on it to drive nearly 1000 miles without knowing anything about the car, is a crazy leap of faith. The car is beautiful, mechanically flawless, a 1 owner car with a rich car fax history, and bought at a awesome price. I would definitely buy from Dexter again, and he is actually going to contact me again if he finds a similar car. Thanks again Dexter! Jonathan Bowman, Sullivan IN 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0


Congratulations to our repeat and loyal customers, Mr and Mrs Villate on the purchase of their 2012 Toyota Corolla LE .


My wife and I decided to buy our first car. Of course we know that buying a car takes a lot of effort and can be stressful. I would lie if I say it wasn't that way for us. All the time it took to decide on what car (Nissan Altima), look online, go to dealerships, test drives, etc, was intense. Then one day we saw a car on HD Auto that grabbed our attention. There was a lot of throrough photos and the description was too good to be true. We decided to go and have a look and arranged it wit Dexter. He was friendly, very accommodating on our time and not pushy at all. When we arrived and saw the car we were glad to see that everything we saw online was true and not too good to be true. Dexter answered all our questions, gave us time to look the car through, and gave us a chance to decide for ourselves without trying push us into a deal. The test drive was great and after inspecting all and having peace we decided to purchase the car. Dexter was very helpful, patient, meticulous and thorough with the paperwork. He basically made it very easy and understandable. We met Dexter a month later to pick up the car tag and it was another great experience. HD Auto and Dexter will be the first place we go to for our next car buy. Great experience and I would encourage anyone to look here first before going anywhere else when it comes to purchasing a car. Very satisfied customers from South Africa. Marnus & Leandré

Great car buying experience!

I recently bought a 2009 Toyots Camry from Dexter and both the car and the buying experience were wonderful. Dexter is honest and helpful and he sells good quality, reliable cars. The price was excellent as well. I would highly recommend HD Autos LLC and I would certainly buy from Dexter again. Lindsay M


Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Rumbach, on the purchase of their 2012 Nissan Rogue with 19k miles.


Congratulations to Kiran on the purchase of a 2011 Toyota Corolla Sport.


Congratulations to Surayah C. on the purchase of her 2003 Hyundai Elantra.


I bought my 2010 VW Jetta from Dexter and I am so happy I did so. I had seen a few Jettas that were cheaper at other dealerships for about two thousand less, but when I tried to do the financing with my own credit union, they rejected the deals because of previous frame damage.  I continued my search ,and I came across my Jetta at HD Autos. I called and inquired about it and in within a few hours, I was in my new car, and my bank was willing to do the financing and everything else checked out great. They were also A rated on the Better Business Bureau, compared to other dealerships. I did go over my budget, but it was worth it knowing that my car was not previously wrecked, and I am just very thankful that I got a great car. I would definitely recommend HD Autos to anyone looking for a new car.


Congratulations to Mike and Kathy. Saved over $2800


Congratulations to Carol and Harold. Saved over $1800.

Congratulations to Fadah . Saved over $ 2500

C. Perez

Dexter was amazing to me. I just came from Puerto Rico to live in the States, and i did not have any credit, references and a job. He was willing to help me with BUY HERE PAY HERE. He is the owner and very willing to help people.

Thank you for making this easy!!

After months of searching for the right deal. I finally got one! Thank you Dexter for working with me and making this very easy!! I would highly recommend going here if your looking for the best deals.

Best Car Purchase

I have now purchased two vehicles from Dexter and both were amazing deals . The vehicles had no mechanical problems and he made this is a quick and easy process. He is one of the few honest car dealers in Orlando. All I can say is great cars and great deals with no problems.